Month: October 2017

  • Suntory Toki (2017)

    Overall Character: Butterscotch, fruits, and green tea. | Nose : Butterscotch and apricot, Asian pear and lemongrass, with wisps of green tea. | Palate : Nice rich buttercup, green tea leaves, apricot and pear. Potent and scotch like. | Finish… Continue reading "Suntory Toki (2017)"

    • Score7.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForPeople who want to try a cheap but reasonable Japanese Whisky, and definitely highball drinkers!
  • Blackadder Raw Cask 1984 Invergordon 30yo

    Overall Character: Fruity, sweet, with spicy oak. | Nose : surprisingly light, pear and prunes, figs , with vanilla sweetness | Palate : rich and creamy, vanilla, marzipan, and figs. Some spicy oak. | Finish : long and spicy pepper… Continue reading "Blackadder Raw Cask 1984 Invergordon 30yo"

    • Score8.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForAnyone who's never tried a single grain whisky, and of course fans of the Blackadder raw cask series. Naturally anyone who likes strong whisky, too.
  • New Holland Hatter Royale Hop-Flavored Whiskey

    Overall Character: Bread, hops and tea | Nose : strong hops, lemongrass, dish soap, with some hints of vanilla wafer and buttered biscuit | Palate : sweet earl Grey tea, sweet bread, sweet potato, mild Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. |… Continue reading "New Holland Hatter Royale Hop-Flavored Whiskey"

    • Score8.5/10.0
    • Recommended ForAdventurous people who've tried everything (Wood Finishes, blends, etc.) and want to try something truly unique.
  • New Holland Pitchfork Wheat

    Overall Character: Marzipan and mulling spices | Nose : mild peach and rich marzipan. Some hints of mothballs and glazed donuts. | Palate : very unique. Young, but a lovely rich sweetness. Marzipan, vanilla, creme Brule. Some mild mulling spices… Continue reading "New Holland Pitchfork Wheat"

    • Score8.3/10.0
    • Recommended ForAny average whiskey drinker, especially those seeking something unique. This is much better than average, and very unique.
  • Laphroaig Lore

    Overall Character: Light, sweet, nutty, salty and smoky. | Nose : Chestnut, Band-Aid, caramel, peanut butter | Palate : Light and tasty sweet Macchiato, smoked marshmallow, salty pretzel | Finish : Medium – long finish of smoke and vanilla |… Continue reading "Laphroaig Lore"

    • Score8.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForPeople whom like complexity with some smoke, but not overwhelming peat. This is not for big peat fans nor heavy Islay drinkers. If you like Lagavulin 16, give this a try as it's as light and balanced, but more complex.
  • Highland Park Valkyrie

    Overall Character: Leather, cherries and dried fruits. | Nose: Leather. Sherry? Prunes and nutmeg. | Palatte : Nice rich prunes and leather. Definitely a sherry scotch, without reading the info. | Finish : Long and nutty, with more leather and… Continue reading "Highland Park Valkyrie"

    • Score8.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForSherry cask finish fans, and of course Highland Park fans, but if you're looking for peat, you may be disappointed. It's also good for cigar smokers.
  • Blanton’s Single Barrel Select – Winking Lizard Tavern 2017

    Overall Character: Sweet with baking spices. | Nose : butterscotch and vanilla, chestnut, and nutmeg, mild Cinnamon. | Palate: cocoa, ginger, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon. | Finish : medium finish of light sweet spices. | Overall : Perfect balance, and… Continue reading "Blanton’s Single Barrel Select – Winking Lizard Tavern 2017"

    • Score8.6/10.0
    • Recommended ForBlantons drinkers, Bourbon Drinkers, and anyone looking for a unique single barrel offering. Especially since Blanton's is on of the biggest hit-or-miss bourbon single barrels, this is a solid offering.
  • E. H. Taylor Small Batch 2017

    Overall Character: Sweet, woody and balanced. | Nose : Butterscotch, caramel, mochi and vanilla. Sweet all around. | Palate : Wood and oats. More caramel. Some crème brule. Nuts and spices. | Finish : Medium finish of citrus, spices, and… Continue reading "E. H. Taylor Small Batch 2017"

    • Score8.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForAny bourbon drinker, Buffalo Trace fan, whiskey drinker, or anyone at all. You can't go wrong with this.