Month: August 2023

  • Blood Oath – Pact 3

    Overall Character: Earthy tobacco and some fruits. | Nose : Anise, fruits and tobacco. Cherry cordial and mild fudge | Palate : Mild and earthy. Cocoa, spices, and mild tobacco. Some tangy fruits. | Finish : Long, fruity and spicy.… Continue reading "Blood Oath – Pact 3"

    • Score8.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForRare/Unusual whiskey drinkers, and anyone who wants a well-aged blend of bourbons. You can't go wrong, especially if you see it at a bar.
  • Blood Oath – Pact No. 9

    Overall Character: Dried fruits, tobacco and spicy cocoa | Nose: Sulphur, Aztec Chocolate, mild cedar, cinnamon and honey. | Palate: Dried fruits, some tobacco, more chocolate, honey and green tea. Some mild floral notes, too. | Finish: Medium-long spicy dried… Continue reading "Blood Oath – Pact No. 9"

    • Score8.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForIf you like rye, but want to try something more aged and elegant. It's a rare, but good combo of ex-sherry and bourbon casks.
  • Dickel Collaboration Blend – Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber Rye

    Overall Character: Potpourri: Floral, fruity, and sweet. | Nose: Pear, mashed fruit, chlorine, and roses. Overall, like an artificially scented air freshner. | Palate: I can barely taste the rye. It’s very floral and fruity, with some chocolate. Again, it’s… Continue reading "Dickel Collaboration Blend – Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber Rye"

    • Score8.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForDie hard Dickel fans, and anyone who needs a unique and/or floral rye.
  • Smooth Ambler Founders Cask Strength Series – Batch 2

    Overall Character: Pastry, baking spices, and caramel | Nose: Rose water, caramel, burnt cinnamon | Palate: Warm caramel, almond butter and marzipan, mild fruit peels, baking spices and pepper. Water balances it and brings out some apple pie crust and… Continue reading "Smooth Ambler Founders Cask Strength Series – Batch 2"

    • Score8.8/10.0
    • Recommended ForSmooth Ambler drinkers, and anyone whom wants cask strength whiskey for under USD$60
  • Little Book – Chapter 5

    Overall Character: Charred oak smoke, caramel and banana bread. | Nose: Cherry, caramel, lemon, banana bread and hints of charred oak smoke. | Palate, Caramel, toasted banana bread, mild citrus and honey | Finish: Very long charred oak, and burnt… Continue reading "Little Book – Chapter 5"

    • Score9.1/10.0
    • Recommended ForIf you like the other Little Book chapters, you'll love this. Also, it's for anyone whomever wanted smoke flavor that's simple wood smoke (not peat, hickory, BBQ, etc.)
  • Little Book – Chapter 1

    Overall Character: Robust caramel and spices. | Nose : Light cinnamon and spices, caramel and oatmeal. | Palate : Rich pepper, rich caramel. Very spicy. | Finish : Long, zesty spices and citrus | Overall : A bit unbalanced but… Continue reading "Little Book – Chapter 1"

    • Score8.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForBourbon drinkers looking for something different, but very good. It's not for everyone, but there's a high chance you will like rather than dislike it.
  • Teeling Irish Whiskey

    Overall Character: Caramel, nuts and butter. | Nose: Caramel, butter, nuts and dates | Palate: Caramel, wild grasses, nuts and mild dried fruits with some buttery notes and mild marshmallow | Finish: Short but sweet, literally. | Overall: A solid… Continue reading "Teeling Irish Whiskey"

    • Score7.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForAnyone who wants a great-tasting simple and cheap Irish whiskey. Plain and simple.
  • Traverse City Straight Bourbon

    Overall Character: Spices, Oak, caramel and vanilla. | Nose: Spices, Oak, caramel and vanilla. Pretty basic bourbon profile, but a solid one. | Palate: Very bland. I was not expecting that. The nose delivered a better package. However, it’s more… Continue reading "Traverse City Straight Bourbon"

    • Score7.8/10.0
    • Recommended ForSince bourbon is going up in price, this is a good bargain for a mid-shelf bourbon for a fair price. Especially if you want something from a lesser-known distillery/city.
  • Oban Little Bay

    Overall Character: Lemon cookies with sea salt. | Nose: Lemon, plum and pear. Very fruity. Very mild marshmallow, or something sweet, perhaps, but mostly fruity. | Palate: A bit drier and sweeter here. A bit spicy, too. White pepper, lemon… Continue reading "Oban Little Bay"

    • Score8.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForSingle malt and scotch drinkers whom want a reasonably priced, solid tasting whiskey, with a coastal, but not peaty taste.