Month: July 2023

  • Bushmills 12

    Overall Character: Dried fruits, tea and mild sweetness. | Nose: Acerola cherry, mild milk chocolate, dates, and other dried fruit, with simple sweetness. | Palate: Golden Raisins, green tea, hints of sherry I suppose. Some very mild Sulphury water, and… Continue reading "Bushmills 12"

    • Score7.8/10.0
    • Recommended ForIrish whiskey drinkers, and sherry single malt drinkers, but only those on a budget. This doesn't exactly blow anyone away.
  • Compass Box Peat Monster

    Overall Character: Sweet marshmallow and peat smoke, with mild fruits. | Nose: Peat smoke, pears, milk chews, marshmallow, butterscotch. | Palate: Mild peat, some bitter lemon rind, marshmallow, butterscotch and tea. | Finish: Short-medium finish of bubblegum and chocolate, with… Continue reading "Compass Box Peat Monster"

    • Score7.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForArdbeg 10 drinkers, and generally fans of lighter Islay single malt scotches.
  • Compass Box Spice Tree

    Overall Character: Butterscotch, toffee, clove and mild fruits. | Nose: Pineapple, butterscotch, toffee, pear and mild ginger. | Palate: Cinnamon, toffee, clove, butterscotch, berries and green tea. | Finish: Short-medium vanilla and oak. | Overall: A solid blended malt for… Continue reading "Compass Box Spice Tree"

    • Score8.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForScotch whisky drinkers, newcomers, average whisky fans, etc.
  • M&H Single Cask Single Malt (Lizardville Ed.)

    Overall Character: Rich, spicy and very sweet honey and berries. | Nose: Butterscotch and honey. Super powered. Plus some heather and floral notes, and very mild leather. | Palate: More super sweetness. Berries, prunes along with the honey and butterscotch.… Continue reading "M&H Single Cask Single Malt (Lizardville Ed.)"

    • Score8.8/10.0
    • Recommended ForIndian Single Malt drinkers, Sherry/Red wine cask fans, and anyone wanting to try a great world single malt you'll rarely try again.
  • Thomas H. Handy 2022

    Overall Character: Spicy, bitter and burnt caramel | Nose: Nutty, woody, caramel, cinnamon, glazed donut | Palate: spicy as soon as it hits the tongue. Bitter tannins, charred hay, burnt caramel, toasted bread, and sweet pastries mixed in | Finish… Continue reading "Thomas H. Handy 2022"

    • Score8.4/10.0
    • Recommended ForDare I say... Collectors?!?! Aside from that, only those who love their rye extra hot and spicy. I'm a Handy fan, so I don't totally recommend it to other fans, unless you get it at MSRP. Don't bother paying high bar prices IMO. Other years were better.
  • Ardbeg Kelpie

    Overall Character: Sweet, Fruity, and Smoky | Nose : Peat, pear, whip cream and earl grey tea | Palate : Sweet cocoa, campfire smoke, more earl gray, and some fruits | Finish : S’mores, hot cocoa and candied fruits. |… Continue reading "Ardbeg Kelpie"

    • Score8.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForAnyone who wants to try a more approachable peated scotch, and of course any Ardbeg fan, especially if you usually prefer high ABV releases, I definitely recommend giving this a shot.
  • Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finished

    Overall Character: Nuts, Chocolate, and Cherries. | Nose: Butterscotch, custard, and caramel chews. Some mild milk chocolate. Sweet all around. | Palate : Nuts and cherry Bonbons. Milk chocolate and very mild hints of pistachio. Apple butter, marshmallow, and toasted… Continue reading "Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finished"

    • Score8.6/10.0
    • Recommended ForBourbon and non-bourbon drinkers alike. I think almost anyone can enjoy this one. It's a unique flavor for bourbon lovers, and an easy drinker for non-bourbon lovers.
  • Old Forester Statesman

    Overall Character: Sweet and balanced | Nose : Apricot and butterscotch, citrus zest and prunes. | Palate : Vanilla and oak with some more mild prune notes, cocoa, and nutmeg. Less fruity here. More salty and sweet. | Finish :… Continue reading "Old Forester Statesman"

    • Score8.7/10.0
    • Recommended ForMovie fans and average bourbon drinkers (ie. whiskey snobs may not be impressed, unless it's for a simple gift)
  • Old Forester 1920

    Overall Character: Sweet and nutty, with stone fruit notes | Note : Figs, nuts and vanilla. | Palate : caramel chews, luxardo cherries, and super rich all around. | Finish : medium caramel and figs again. | Overall : Rich… Continue reading "Old Forester 1920"

    • Score9.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForAbsolutely any bourbon drinker, especially if you're looking for something widely available and reasonably priced
  • Hardin’s Creek Jacob’s Well

    Overall Character: Fruity, sweet and floral | Nose: apple pie, pear, shockingly light and fruity with PERHAPS some caramel notes in the background | Palate: caramel, oak, nougat, ginger, mulling spices, heather and pepper | Finish: slightly floral. Heather and… Continue reading "Hardin’s Creek Jacob’s Well"

    • Score8.4/10.0
    • Recommended ForBourbon fans, of course, And anyone whom was unimpressed with the Colonel James B. Beam