Category: Ardbeg

  • Ardbeg Heavy Vapours (Committee Release)

    Overall Character: Smoked meats, salty dark chocolate and mild fruits and veggies. | Nose: Smoke, bananas, butterscotch fudge, cardamom, peaches and saline solution. | Palate: Smoked chicken, salty oysters, more butterscotch fudge and cardamom, but less fruitiness. Some bitter dark… Continue reading "Ardbeg Heavy Vapours (Committee Release)"

    • Score8.6/10.0
    • Recommended ForDiehard Ardbeg fans, and anyone whom wants a GOOD whisky with the flavor of a good smoked BBQ (no mesquite, etc. garbage).
  • Ardbeg Kelpie

    Overall Character: Sweet, Fruity, and Smoky | Nose : Peat, pear, whip cream and earl grey tea | Palate : Sweet cocoa, campfire smoke, more earl gray, and some fruits | Finish : S’mores, hot cocoa and candied fruits. |… Continue reading "Ardbeg Kelpie"

    • Score8.9/10.0
    • Recommended ForAnyone who wants to try a more approachable peated scotch, and of course any Ardbeg fan, especially if you usually prefer high ABV releases, I definitely recommend giving this a shot.