Tag: Highland Single Malt

  • Oban Little Bay

    Overall Character: Lemon cookies with sea salt. | Nose: Lemon, plum and pear. Very fruity. Very mild marshmallow, or something sweet, perhaps, but mostly fruity. | Palate: A bit drier and sweeter here. A bit spicy, too. White pepper, lemon… Continue reading "Oban Little Bay"

    • Score8.0/10.0
    • Recommended ForSingle malt and scotch drinkers whom want a reasonably priced, solid tasting whiskey, with a coastal, but not peaty taste.
  • Glenmorangie Milsean

    Overall Character: Sweet and fruity. | Nose: Cherry strudel, peach syrup, nutmeg | Palate : Nice rich sweetness. Almost bourbon – like surely due to the toastedness. Still plenty of fruit notes. Tangy caramelized apple, lemon zest, and peach tea.… Continue reading "Glenmorangie Milsean"

    • Score8.6/10.0
    • Recommended ForAny Whisky drinker, especially those whom don't usually like/drink scotch. Pretty much anyone will like this one.