• Style: Straight Bourbon
  • Grain/Mash-bill: Corn, Rye, Malted Barley
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Kentucky
  • Distillery: Fred Noe
  • Bottler: James B. Beam Distilling Co.
  • ABV: 54%
  • Proof: 108
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Year: 2022
  • Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel

Overall Character: Spicy oak and caramel

| Nose: lemongrass, honey, fruit piths

| Palate: warm caramel, nuts and oak, hot peppercorn, ginger root and mild butter lemon rind

| Finish: medium cinnamon, oak and sulphur

| Overall: very good for being only 2 years old. This is likely due to a long fermentation and lower-than-usual distillate proof. Better than any bottom shelf for sure, but still seriously lacking in complexity, likely due to it’s still relative youth.


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