• Style: Bourbon
  • Grain/Mash-bill: Corn, Rye, Malted Barley 
  • Country: Unites States
  • Region: Kentucky
  • Distillery: Wild Turkey
  • Bottler: OB
  • ABV: 55%
  • Proof: 110
  • Age:10 Years
  • Year: 2022
  • Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel

Overall Character: Sweet, with mild tropical fruits and baking spices.

| Nose: Butterscotch, toffee, passion fruit and nuts

| Palate: Spicy and nutty, with more tropical fruits, but only hints. Mostly caramel, pepper, and mild cinnamon

| Finish: Long and spicy, with trailing burnt caramel, mild fennel and some citrus peel.

| Overall: A warmer, upgraded Russell’s Reserve 10.


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